Drop Boxes

We offer 4 sizes in Drop Boxes


  • 30 yard - 7.5' x 7.5' x 18' - Includes first 2 tons of weight.
  • 20 yard - 7.5' x 5'10" x 16.5' - Includes first 1.5 tons of weight.
  • 15 yard - 7.5' x 4'10" x 16.5' - Includes first 1 ton of weight.
  • 10 yard - 7.5' x 4' x 10' - Includes first .5 ton of weight

 Prices are based off of drop box location and tonnage. If the drop box is over the weight allowed the rate is increased by $84.00 per ton. If the box weighs less it is credited back. Base prices are on one delivery and pick up for up to 10 days. Boxes are taken to Ecosort where they are gone through to pull out as much recyclable material as possible. Some extra charges may apply such as; tires, mattresses, box springs, futons, large propane tanks, tv's, and computer monitors. With each container the doors open in the back in order for easy access.

 When your ready to start your project call our office for availability and scheduling  541-988-3016.