We offer a variety of choices for your household needs.

    Using a 32 gallon can that you provide we would be able to pick up monthly, every other week and weekly. We are able to go down most driveways if you would need us to. There is a driveway charge that is measured by tenths of a mile. We have "on call" rates for customers who may only need once in a while. 

    If you need something larger we do offer two sizes to choose from; a 60 gallon or a 90 gallon. See picture below. These cans are picked up weekly or every other week. We do not do monthly service on the larger sized cans. 

    Our coverage locations are from just outside the city limits of Springfield to the top of the pass just past McKenzie Bridge. All of the Camp Creek and Upper Camp Creek Valleys. Out into Mohawk and Marcola Valleys to mile marker 15 near Paschelke Bridge. 

    Please have your can out by 7:00am on your scheduled pick up day. 

    There are some items we are unable to pick up, such as: motor oil, hazardous waste, paint, solvents, hot ashes, concrete, dirt, sod, or rocks. Animal waste and ashes must be bagged. If you have bio-hazard sharps or lancets please contact our office and we can direct you where you can dispose of them. 

    The 32 gallon cans are picked up manually by the driver, so please no overweight cans.

    We do not offer a separate can for yard debris, such as lawn clippings, and leaves. They would go into your trash can.

    Please call our office for rates. 541-988-3016